“Moving to ClubDrive was the best business decision
I ever made.
~ Bert Light - Owner, Artlite Office Supplies
Accurate comparisons are how customers clearly see the value of what we provide in dollars and sense. We've included a real life use case comparison of our hosted IT versus traditional in-house IT and another that puts our cost and feature structure against Amazon's Work Space.

Ten is a manageable number to make reasonable comparisions between traditional IT costs and ClubDrive's fee. The capital expenses of hardware and the supporting costs of operating a traditional IT infrastructure add up to a pretty big number.

Also note this is only for a 3 year cycle - important because most hardware will need to be replaced every 3-5 years. That means capital investment semi-frequently pushes in-house costs even higher in a short period of time.

+ Review Costs Side-by-Side

Initial Upfront Costs

  In House IT   ClubDrive
- Hardware   $6,800   $0
- Software   $1,863   $0
- Implementation   $6,200   $7440
Total Initial Upfront Costs   $14,863   $7440
Recurring Annual Costs        
- Hardware Support   $1,824   $0
- Windows Support   $1,011   $0
- User Support Services   N/A   $3000
- Disaster Recovery*   $1,850   $0 (included)
Total Recurring Annual Costs   $4,685   $3000
Recurring Monthly Costs        
- Facilities   $630   $0
- High-Speed Internet   $800   $2500
- Virtual Desktop & Applications   Not included   $1850
- In-House Personnel   $3,750   $0
Total Recurring Monthly Costs   $5,180   $1,850
Year 1 Costs   $81,708   $32,640
Year 2 Costs   $66,845   $25,200
Year 3 Costs   $66,845   $25,200
Total Cost for 3 Years   $215,398   $83,040
Average User Cost Monthly   $598.32   $230.66

Download Full Calculations & Assumptions

Comparing hosted desktop pricing alone can illustrate significant cost and value differences. The value of Amazon Web Services is actually a myth. You start with a $15 desktop, but by the time you add in basic features it's significantly higher than ClubDrive's offering. Additionally, user charges are variable every month. This means you can get a big bill on any given month. ClubDrive's user fees are fixed and predictable. 

+ Review Services/Features Side-by-Side

We've included notations from AWS site - the small print is pretty important here.


  AWS   ClubDrive
Dedicated Virtual File Servers   √ ₁  
Dedicated Virtual  XenApp Application Servers   N/A  
Dedicated Virtual Non-Production Image Servers   √ ₁  
Nightly Worry Free Server and Data Backup   √*  
Remote Device Monitoring    
CloudPortal Service Manager (User and Applications Self Management)   $5**  
Secure Desktop Access    
Windows Desktop as a Service   $35  
Microsoft Office Standard    Not Available  
Microsoft Office Professional   $15   $3
Hosted Exchange 5 Gb Mailbox   Not Available ($6.95 Separate vendor)  
Email Spam Filter and Virus Protection   Included Virus Protection Only  
Email Archiving 50 GB/Mailbox   Not Available  
Worx Mobile Application   Not Available  
Abobe Reader   Buy on AWS  
Adobe Acrobat STD (Per User)    Buy on AWS   BYOL or $30.00 CD provided
Adobe Acrobat Pro (Per User)   Buy on AWS   BYOL or $48.00 CD provided
QuickBooks License (Per User)   Buy on AWS   $10
QuickBooks Hosting (Per User)   Buy on AWS   BYOL
ShareFile (Per User)   Not Available   $11
SQL Express     
MS SQL PROC LIC  (33+ Users)   Not Available   $395
MS SQL SAL (User)   Not Available   $11
Monthly Support    Estimated $5  
CloudPortal Service Manager (User and Applications Self Management)   √ (Between Client and WorkSpace)***  
Monthly WorkSpace  Cost Per User   $55 Does not include email, Support or Usage   $65.00
Amazon web Services WorkSpace charges for email, bandwidth/usage and support in addition to what is itemized above. Those charges are variable based on use.

Web traffic from the user’s WorkSpaces (accessing public Internet, downloading files etc.) will be charged separately as AWS outbound bandwidth on your bill.

*The user volume (D:) on the WorkSpace is backed up every 12 hours. In the case of a WorkSpace failure, AWS can restore this volume from the backup. If Amazon WorkDocs Sync is enabled on a WorkSpace, the folder a user chooses to sync will be continuously backed up and stored in Amazon WorkDocs.

**Both the Lite and Standard plans include 100GB of storage for the apps, and S3 charges of $.03/GB storage plus $.01/GB/1000 Requests will apply for additional storage.

***The monthly subscription includes the streaming bandwidth between the user’s client and a WorkSpace. Web traffic from the user’s WorkSpaces (accessing public Internet, downloading files etc.) will be charged separately as AWS outbound bandwidth on your bill.